Power Rangers #6 by Ryan Parrott

Power Rangers #6Power Rangers #6 by Ryan Parrott
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Parrot continues his trend of playing with genre tropes and doing them superbly.

This time it’s a train heist, as Zack and Jason have got themselves imprisoned by SPD, along with Astronema, so Trini has to team up with Ecliptor to rescue them all from a mag lev train during a prisoner transfer. It’s the exact scenario you’ve seen a million times before, but Power Rangers style, so it’s cool.

Meanwhile Drakkon pays a visit to the alien Zack and Jason were playing space poker with last issue to see about that fusion converter he conned them out of.

The Rangers struggle to come to terms with the moral grey areas that Drakkon has led them into…and their betrayal of Zordon has forced them into. It makes for great drama, and that mixed with some high octane action makes for a great comic.

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