Mighty Morphin #5 by Ryan Parrot

Mighty Morphin #5Mighty Morphin #5 by Ryan Parrot
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

We take a breather from wall to wall action to find out how Matt became the Green Ranger, following him over the weeks leading up to the events in #4.

It’s incredibly well done, given that I had literally no idea who Matt was going in to this, I now feel like I’m caught up and understand who the character is and what motivates him. It’s a fascinating look into what makes a Ranger, and even though Zordon didn’t create him, Matt most definitely has the spirit of a Power Ranger.

As others have pointed out it also confirms that the coin and the morphing process imbue a Ranger with fighting skills they might not have otherwise possessed.

This is great stuff, and provides the deeper dive into Power Rangers lore that the TV show is, inevitably, unable to deliver.

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