Mighty Morphin #6 by Ryan Parrott

Mighty Morphin #6Mighty Morphin #6 by Ryan Parrott
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

We slow the pace waaaay down this issue, which is fine, it can’t be all action all the time. Well, it can be, but then the comic would just be the TV show and there’d be very little room for plot or character development.

The team basically spend most of this issue angsting about the fact that the military are going to nuke Angel Grove unless they can lower Lord Zedd’s energy dome in thirty six hours…and they have no idea how to do that. This provides an opportunity for Parrot to subvert the Power Rangers usual hyper-positivity as the whole team are worried that their family and friends are being tortured by Lord Zedd and Tommy’s attempt to give them all a rousing pep talk falls flat.

I’m guess next issue we’re going to flash back to what the heck has been going on in the dome in the meantime because, SPOILERS, when the team finally makes it inside the dome it seems that the new Green Ranger has flipped sides…which is pretty much the Green Ranger’s trademark move, so we should probably have seen it coming…

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