Silk (2021) #1 by Maurene Goo

Silk (2021) #1 (of 5)Silk (2021) #1 by Maurene Goo
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Finally getting around to cracking this open and I took one look at the art and thought, “Oh, am I going to like this?”

Well…funny thing…it turns out I did, and I liked it a lot. I’ve liked Cindy Moon, aka Silk, for a long time, so much so that a while back I felt compelled to track down her first appearance (and considering how much it’s selling for now, I’m very glad I did). As this new series begins Cindy is starting a new job as a journalist working for J Jonah Jameson’s digital news platform. JJJ has taken a liking to her because she’s more “analog” than digital, due to her having spent ten years living in a bunker (it was a whole thing). Oh, in case you didn’t know, Cindy was bitten by the same radioactive spider that bit Peter Parker and also gained spider powers…but then got shut up in a bunker for a decade (as I said, it was a whole thing).

The art is reminiscent of Aja’s work on Hawkeye, very expressive, very “graphic”…for want of a better word. The writing is witty and sharp and makes you instantly warm to Cindy and her supporting cast.

I can tell I’m going to enjoy this mini series a lot.

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