X-Men Legends #3 by Louise Simonson

X-Men Legends #3X-Men Legends #3 by Louise Simonson
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Wow, this was a real nostalgia trip for me!

Some of the first comics I ever read were part of Louise and Walt Simonson’s run on X-Factor, specifically the Fall of the Mutants, so this really takes me back.

There not a lot happening, really, just some cool stuff with Ship losing control and turning on the team…plus Apocalypse recovering Cameron Hodge’s head and building him a new robot body. I’ve got to admit, although I have read the original run, it was a long time ago and unlike the mystery of the third Summers brother, what happened to Cameron Hodge is not a mystery that’s been playing on my mind for thirty years.

Nevertheless, this is great stuff! Of course then writing and art by the Simonsons is superb, but the lettering, by John workman, is also a nostalgic treat.

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