Champions (2020-) #6 by Danny Lore

Champions (2020-) #6Champions (2020-) #6 by Danny Lore
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

A n ew creative team takes over with this issue, and I was secretly hoping that would give me an excuse to drop the book because I’m reading way too much at the moment. But, no, this is excellent. I’m not familiar with Lore’s writing, but I’ve liked Vecchio’s art since I worked with him on Pete Rogers’ The Interactives a decade ago.

Roxxon are trying to win over the youth with their new app, Roxx On! And they’ve also recruited…uh…a character who appeared in 2020 Ironheart…except that two par series was only ever released digitally, so I haven’t read it…which is a shame. But, well, that isn’t really the fault of anyone involved in the making of this comic. The pandemic caused chaos in the comic industry.

But, yeah, the writing is snappy, which suits a teen team book, and Vecchio’s art also fits the book perfectly. It’s bright, it’s young, it’s cool. I enjoyed this a hell of a lot.

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