Strange Academy (2020-) #10 by Skottie Young

Strange Academy (2020-) #10Strange Academy (2020-) #10 by Skottie Young
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

It’s field trip time! And where do you go on a field trip when you’re a student at Strange Academy? Well, to Asgard, of course!

We learn some interesting things in Asgard, such as exactly why Iric has been such a dick to Doyle about being the son of a villain. And it’s not just because he has a crush on Emily, and there’s obviously something between Emily and Doyle.

Speaking of Emily and Doyle…wait…that would be a spoiler…

If you like high school drama in a fantastical setting then you’re probably already reading this, but just in case you’re not, you should start.

Ramos’s art continues to be amazing and Young’s writing just keeps getting better each month!

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