Avengers #45 by Jason Aaron

Avengers #45Avengers #45 by Jason Aaron
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Despite the King In Black logo in the corner, this actually has very little to do with King In Black, which is either a good thing or not depending on your point of view. All you need to know is the Dracula’s vampires helped out in King In Black, but, honestly, that’s all covered here anyway.

This issue is actually a nice breather after all that Phoenix stuff, as we get a chance to take stock and get a look at the whole team, one by one, and see where they’re all at right now. And it’s good stuff.

A run like this needs these quieter issues, where you get a chance to reground the book. That said, there are some important developments, such as the vampire community at Chernobyl is now an independent nation recognised by the UN…but you’ll never guess who’s going to police this new nation…

(Yeah you will…it’s Blade…of course it’s Blade…)

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