Children Of The Atom (2021-) #3 by Vita Ayala

Children Of The Atom (2021-) #3Children Of The Atom (2021-) #3 by Vita Ayala
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

What…what is going on? This isn’t bad, exactly, I’m just confused…

So, we sort of get the origin of the Children of the Atom here…but we’re honestly none the wiser. They somehow ended up on a spaceship, which presumably took them up into space, and then was going to explode and so they got into some escape pods and crash landed back on earth. Is…is this how they got their powers? I feel like there’s a BIG gap here. I mean, that’s probably intentional, but it makes for a deeply unsatisfying read.

Meanwhile, in the present, all of the team except for Carmen go to a friend’s house for dinner, where they learn that friend had mutant tissue fused with his own to save his life. And when one of them asks if that means he can use the Krakoan gates he gets angry and throws them out. The whole scene is very…odd…

And while this is going on Carmen is at home transforming into…what? A Brood, maybe? Is that the source of their powers? Are they all Brood hosts?

What is going on?!?!?

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