Heroes Reborn (2021) #2 by Jason Aaron

Heroes Reborn (2021) #2 (of 7)Heroes Reborn (2021) #2 by Jason Aaron
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This issue focuses on Hyperion, leader of the Squadron Supreme and clear Superman analogue. In case you’re not familiar with the Squadron, they were basically created to be Marvel’s version of the Justice League, with characters who are, essentially, the League…Hyperion is Superman, Nighthawk is Batman, Power Princess is Wonder Woman, and so on. Heroes Reborn shows us a world where the Avengers never were, and instead the Squadron Supreme took their place.

This issue opens with Hyperion flying straight through Galactus’ head. This world is different in many ways. Subtly twisted. And very few people seem to be aware of the fact that the world isn’t right. One of those people is Blade, and the Hulk appears to be another.

This is good. This is entertaining. But I also feel like I’ve seen this before. Hyperion in this feels a lot like Homelander in The Boys (at least, the TV series, I’ve not read the comic). He’s a Trumpian, right wing, patriotic hero in the extreme. And, sure, it’s done well, but it’s been done before. I genuinely hope that there’s more to this series than recycling some old ideas.

Still, I’m giving it four stars because what it does, it does well, and it’s genuinely entertaining.

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