Silk (2021) #3 by Maurene Goo

Silk (2021) #3 (of 5)Silk (2021) #3 by Maurene Goo
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This issue gets extra marks for having such a good cover. Really excellent work.

I am very much enjoying this series. I have some small gripes, like as much as I like Miyazawa’s art I’d like to see someone else ink it, and I’d also like to see this book coloured by someone else. And I have numerous complaints about the lettering, but then I usually do in any comic I read. But none of that detracts from how engagingly written Cindy Moon is and how much I’m generally enjoying the story.

This is a solid book, and my only real complaint is that it’s only a five issue series.

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