X-Factor (2020-) #9 by Leah Williams

X-Factor (2020-) #9X-Factor (2020-) #9 by Leah Williams
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The end of the whole Morrigan saga, and the return of Shatterstar, feels a little rushed, but that’s understandable given that the next issue will be the final issue of X-Factor, and that issue will be the Hellfire Gala, so everything needed to be tied up this issue.

Despite feeling rushed it’s an enjoyable issue, and it’s always pleasing when the answer is Shatterstar, even if it’s never really explained why the answer is Shatterstar.

There is, as ever, a nice amount of fun little interpersonal relationship bits, which has been the real strength of this book.

It’s a shame this book is ending as it’s ben a lot of fun, but it does explain why Polaris is moving to the new X-Men book, and I’m hopeful that a lot of the characters and themes from this will carry over to some of the new book moving forward.

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