Way Of X (2021-) #2 by Simon Spurrier

Way Of X (2021-) #2Way Of X (2021-) #2 by Simon Spurrier
My rating: 5 of 5 stars


So I was wrong about Legion being the Patchwork Man, but so was everybody, and that’s kind of the point. Xavier has never understood his son, and that’s never been more obvious than here.

Seriously, though, this is incredibly good. I mean, I shouldn’t be surprised, it’s Si Spurrier, and he’s bloody brilliant, and Bob Quinn, the artist, is no slouch either. I love all the wonderful little details here, like Loa getting all flustered over Mercury’s Hellfire Gala outfit (and later we get a glimpse that maybe she’s acted on that).

Finally we get to find out what a resurrected David Haller would be like…we’re getting to all the interesting questions that resurrection poses. I love it.

And, of course, we get confirmation that there really is something rotten in the state of Krakoa…which brings us back to O.

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