Heroes Reborn #3 by Jason Aaron

Heroes Reborn #3Heroes Reborn #3 by Jason Aaron
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This issue we focus on Blur, the Squadron Supreme’s version of The Flash. He has 48 televisions in his house.

I really enjoyed this issue, mainly because it was just having fun with the idea of speedsters. Speedsters aren’t so much of a big thing in the Marvel Universe, seeing as we only really have Quicksilver and nobody’s really done anything interesting with him other than Peter David during his X-Factor run. Here we get Blur seeking help from the Ancient One when his powers first manifest due to them threatening to drive him insane. Mixing super speed with the arcane arts was an interesting twist, especially given that this reality’s version of the Scarlet Witch has absorbed her brother’s powers…melding super speed with the arcane.

Oh, also, the Blur as 48 televisions in his house.

I enjoyed the exploration of life as a speedster, the short attention span, the forgetting that you’ve already had a thought because you’ve had a million thoughts since then So that you keep repeating yourself. By the way, did I mention that the Blur as 48 televisions in his house?

The actual plot is being moved on in little back up strips, which seems like an odd decision but seems to work well. This time we find that Echo still has the powers of the Phoenix in this reality, which could be interesting…

All in all I’m really loving this series, despite the fact that I picked it up begrudgingly through FOMO. The writing is great and the art is top notch.

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