Heroes Reborn (2021) #4 by Jason Aaron

Heroes Reborn (2021) #4 (of 7)Heroes Reborn (2021) #4 by Jason Aaron
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

So, it turns out that Dr Spectrum is more Guy Gardner than Hal Jordan…or, in other words, he’s a massive asshat.

James Stokoe’s art was not what i was expecting when I opened this book, but it works exceptionally well here. This story is, well, it’s utterly insane. If you thought there was something off about this reality before picking this up, you’ll know there’s definitely something very, very wrong now.

I’ve been reading Aaron’s Avengers run from the start but was originally going to skip this because I didn’t realise that…well…this story clearly grows out of several sub plots in that book.

Or, in other words, it wasn’t Agatha all along…

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