Heroes Reborn: Young Squadron (2021) #1 (Heroes Reborn by Jim Zub

Heroes Reborn: Young Squadron (2021) #1 (Heroes Reborn (2021) One-Shots)Heroes Reborn: Young Squadron (2021) #1 (Heroes Reborn by Jim Zub
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Sam Alexander, Kamala Kahn and Miles Morales in this reality were inspired by the Squadron Supreme to become heroes, just like the Young Avengers were inspire by the Avengers. Except they’re not the Young Avengers, they’re the Champions, but there aren’t any Young Avengers right now, so I guess this will do…

I like the idea of this comic more than the actual execution. Zub writes this as if it’s a traditional Marvel comic from the seventies or eighties and while I get what he’s going for it does kind of grate a little. This gets better towards the end as the Young Squadron realises that their heroes aren’t quite the people they think they are…thanks an interjection by Deadpool, which includes an almost painful piece of fourth wall breaking. Done right Wade’s fourth wall breaking is fun, but here it just felt awkward.

The art is fantastic though, and I did genuinely enjoy this comic, it just had a couple of small issues, that’s all.

It seems like the cat is completely out of the bag now regarding who’s behind all of this…

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