Hellions #12 (Hellions by Zeb Wells

Hellions #12 (Hellions (2020-))Hellions #12 (Hellions by Zeb Wells
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I quite literally laughed out loud while reading this comic. Wells has found the perfect balance of drama, action and comedy in this book, and every issue feels better than the last.

It’s Hellfire Gala time and the Hellions are not invited (well, other than Sinister, Alex and Kwannon, that is…and Alex’s outfit is so fabulous I kinda’ want to cosplay it), but not being invited isn’t going to stop this team from just, well, going anyway…thanks to some psychic shenanigans and a running gag about Phoebe Cuckoo’s dress.

We also have the deepest of deep cuts here as Wild Child runs into Aurora, and if I hadn’t just been listening to X-Plain The X-Men episodes where they discuss their break up I would have had no clue they’d ever dated (I mean, I did read those X-Factor issues, it was just a lifetime ago). I was half expecting someone to shout, “Leave it, Kyle, she’s not worth it!”

Anyway, can all the X-Books be about awkward social gatherings from now on, please? I’m loving this!

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