Heroes Reborn #5 (of 7) by Jason Aaron

Heroes Reborn #5 (of 7) (Heroes Reborn (2021))Heroes Reborn #5 (of 7) (Heroes Reborn by Jason Aaron
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

What do you get if you mix Spider-Man and Batman? The answer is Nighthawk! And as this is a world in which the Avengers never were, Peter Parker never became Spider-Man and the Squadron Supreme are earth’s mightiest heroes, things are definitely different…

This issue is very much a pastiche of classic Batman, the angst ridden orphan whose rogues gallery are all locked up in an asylum is something we’re very familiar with, except this is Spider-Man’s rogues gallery. In this universe the Venom symbiote bonded with Nighthawk, before bonding with the Red Skull to become the Black Skull. And Norman Osborn is the crazed Goblin who caused the death of Nighthawk’s sidekick, The Falcon…essentially merging the Joker and Green Goblin, and also merging Jason Todd with Gwen Stacey. Although Gwen’s still here, and…well…you’ll have to read it.

The art is superb, the writing is great, but I’m eager to get to the climax of this story now.

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