Iron Man Annual (2020) #1 by Jed Mackay

Iron Man Annual (2020) #1 (Iron Man 2020 (2020))Iron Man Annual (2020) #1 (Iron Man 2020 by Jed Mackay
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This was surprisingly good. I say “surprisingly” because Marvel’s annuals have a tendency to be utterly pointless. But this was a decent story, with Tony getting angry about Miles Morales being kidnapped and tortured and so going off on a mission to bring down the guy who tortured him.

For the first part of an annual wide crossover, this was also refreshingly self contained, as I won’t be getting any more of this story because, well, you can’t buy everything, right?

The art was decent, although I do wish Marvel would get their artists using a consistent model for the Iron Man armour, but that’s been a problem for years now.

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