Iron Man #9 by Christopher Cantwell

Iron Man #9 (Iron Man (2020-))Iron Man #9 (Iron Man by Christopher Cantwell
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I finished my review of #8 by hoping we’d get back to Tony in the next issue…we do not, which is a shame. I mean, this is an Iron Man book, and Iron Man only briefly appears in a flashback. It’s fine to do that occasionally, but I’m not sure that it works two issues in a row…especially when we’ve had to wait two months between issues. At least we know that we’re going to finally catch up with Tony next time.

Meanwhile, we delve into the origin of Korvac, and everything’s a bit muddled. I found this issue exceptionally hard to follow and it seems to expect a level of familiarity with the character that I don’t possess. Plus, the original Human Torch is here. And they’re related…sort of. Korvac builds him a new robot body to replace the robot body Tony built for him in an issue of the Invaders at some point, apparently, and Korvac things the Torch will understand his plan to usher in a new utopian age and join him. Which doesn’t exactly go to plan.

The art is as good as it always is in Iron Man at the moment, but the writing here feels a little disjointed. It’s odd. Hopefully this issue is just a blip in what’s been an otherwise outstanding run.

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