Heroes Reborn: Night-Gwen #1 by Vita Ayala

Heroes Reborn: Night-Gwen #1Heroes Reborn: Night-Gwen #1 by Vita Ayala
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

By this point we know the drill for these Heroes Reborn tie ins.

They’re a weird mix of Marvel and DC, with Marvel characters recast in roles that are reminiscent of certain DC characters…in a world where the Avengers never formed and so Earth’s mightiest heroes are Marvel’s Justice League analogue, the Squadron Supreme.

In this instance the Marvel character is Gwen Stacey, but she’s not Night-Gwen, as the title would suggest (just like she’s not Spider-Gwen), but she is, instead, Nightbird…sometime partner of Nighthawk. Think Nightwing and Batman.

We learn that an old friend who’s obsessed with her has taken on a secret identity in a twisted scheme to win her heart. But she’s not interested in him as she’s dating Misty Night.

It’s a fun book and something I’d be interested in reading more of…but I suspect that this will only ever be a one shot.

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