Alien #4 by Phillip Kennedy Johnson

Alien #4Alien #4 by Phillip Kennedy Johnson
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The pacing in this issue is, quite simply, superb!

This feels like an action/horror film on paper…well, it feels like an Alien film. The tension is palpable as you wonder if anyone’s going to get out of this alive…as the characters make the same stupid and all-too-human decisions that they do in the films. They should just blow up the station, but they foolishly believe there’s hope…when we know that the only thing that can possibly result from their actions is xenomorphs on Earth…and there won’t be any Predators to save the human race (due to complicated legal reasons, sadly…god, you don’t see them screwing each other over for a percentage…).

The art is gorgeous, the writing’s superb, the terror is real.

I love it.

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