Heroes Return #1 by Jason Aaron

Heroes Return #1Heroes Return #1 by Jason Aaron
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I wondered at the end of my review of Heroes Reborn #7 if Aaron would stick the landing. My concern being that his Avengers run so far has been all build up without any satisfying conclusions, with each arc only serving to raise the stakes of the ongoing narrative rather than ever actually resolving things…

…and, yeah, that. I mean, this is great, apart from two small things:

1) The actual way the story concludes is deeply unsatisfying with the Pandemonium Cube simply slipping from Coulson’s grasp in the midst of a chaotic battle and reality resetting.


2) The end of this simply sets up the next big story. Which, you know, I’m excited for, but I have to wonder if Aaron has an ultimate destination in mind or if the stakes will simply keep building until Marvel decide to reboot the Avengers with a new writer.

I think mostly I’m just annoyed that a ploy to keep readers on board and reading is so completely working as far as I’m concerned! Ha! A Council of 616 Mephistoes? You have my continued attention, Mr Aaron. Let’s see where you’re going with this…

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