Wolverine #13 by Benjamin Percy

Wolverine #13 (Wolverine (2020-))Wolverine #13 (Wolverine by Benjamin Percy
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This wasn’t exactly bad, just a little disappointing, and…well…this was really an extra issue of X-Force, and not an issue of Wolverine. He was hardly in it.

But, let’s not review this for what it isn’t, let’s review this for what it is, and what is it? Well, it’s the second part of X-Force at the Hellfire Gala. Beast’s meddling in Terra Verde is exposed and…the resolution is honestly odd. I’m not sure that I’d accept a billion dollars as recompense for a coup in which the people of my nation were effectively enslaved and mind controlled. And I don’t think describing Beast as “a bastard” really goes far enough. He’s an increasingly dangerous, amoral, megalomaniac. If he was wearing a purple cape and helmet the X-Men would be fighting him, not counting him among their number. As I’ve said many times before, something is rotten at the heart of Krakoa, and it’s not just Onslaught.

This is all headed somewhere very bad. If you went into the current era of X-boos thinking that Krakoa would be a mutant utopia, then I think you are both very naïve and very mistaken.

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