Hellions #13 by Zeb Wells

Hellions #13 (Hellions (2020-))Hellions #13 (Hellions by Zeb Wells
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Mr Sinister’s been a very naughty boy, and Mr Sinister’s here to make him pay.

Meanwhile, Nanny’s raising a mutant AI baby and Orphan Maker’s found out about it, so she’s very cross with him and makes him promise not to tell anybody about it. I expect he’ll end up spilling the beans in the next issue. But Greycrow finds him crying about it and they end up bonding over cleaning guns…which seems to drag up some of Greycrow’s childhood trauma.

But, yeah, it seems like all of Sinister’s machinations are starting to catch up with him, although he’d probably claim that this is exactly what he intended to happen all along.

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