The United States of Captain America #1 by Christopher Cantwell

The United States of Captain America #1The United States of Captain America #1 by Christopher Cantwell
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Lol at anyone calling this “far left.” Also lol at anyone complaining about politics in a comic about a hero who is literally wrapped in his country’s flag. That’s inherently political. And while Steve pontificating on the American dream fell a little flat for me, not being American, I liked the sentiment.

I also liked the way tis book was split into two halves. The first introduces us to “the plot” as it were. Someone has stolen Steve’s shield, he and Falcon give chase, this leads to them discovering the underground network of Captain Americas (or should that be Captains America?) and we meet Aaron Fisher, the Captain America of the railways. And, lastly, a plot to assassinate them seems to be afoot.

The second half serves as an origin story for Aaron, a young gay kid who finds himself living on the streets and when kidnapped and put in a work camp by Roxxon, takes on the mantle of Captain America to fight back and free everyone in the camp. I liked Aaron, he reminds me of my own kid.

I’m intrigued to see where this is going and excited to meet more Captains America along the way.

And for those who don’t want politics in their comics, I’ve got news for you…everything’s political.

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