X-Corp #3 by Tini Howard

X-Corp #3 (X-Corp (2021-))X-Corp #3 (X-Corp by Tini Howard
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Oh, thank God, that’s more like it! After a rocky start this series has finally found its feet.

Of course, that might just be because this was a more Madrox centred issue…and the whole thing with Layla and his baby was just so crushingly sad. (Don’t worry, nobody died!)

But, yeah, I really enjoyed this, even if some of the non-Madrox related stuff was still a little confusing. I think I’ve generally got a handle on what’s going on. This book is fun and touching and that’s a good mix.

There are clearly more revelations to come, and if the book continues to be this good then I’m more than happy to stick around for them.

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