New Mutants #20 by Vita Ayala

New Mutants #20New Mutants #20 by Vita Ayala
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Scout is dead, but Cosmar, No Girl and the rest of their little group of rebellions mutants are determined to bring her back…even if they don’t quite understand how the process works.

Meanwhile, Magik and Warpath lead a team of young mutants to perform disaster relief on Tristan da Cunha, as they suspect that the disaster might have something to do with a new mutant that Cerebro has detected. Now, Tristan de Cunha is basically a volcano is the South Atlantic with a population of 264 people. It’s pretty much half way between South America and Africa and the closest island to it is called Inaccessible Island. It’s a wee bit remote, and as such the locals aren’t too please when a group of mutants shows up, presumably to steal away one of their children. The mutants assume the locals will be hostile to the new mutants, but they’re wrong…and learn a valuable lesson about showing up unannounced on tiny South Atlantic islands.

Back at Krakoa, Karma confronts Rahne about her new friendship with Shadow King. Which is understandable given that he once possessed Karma and did some pretty horrible things to her. Rahne’s angry reaction would suggest that Xi’an’s right to be worried.

This is all great stuff from Ayala, although the book suffers a bit for the lack of Rod Reis. I do hope he’s coming back!

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