X-Men Legends (2021-) #5 by Peter David

X-Men Legends (2021-) #5X-Men Legends (2021-) #5 by Peter David
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Would it be churlish of me to point out that of the five issues of X-Men Legends we’ve had so far only two of them have actually been about the X-Men? At this point a more appropriate title might be “X-Factor Legends.”

This series was billed as a way for X-writers to return to their classic lines and finally tie up some of those dangling plot threads the X-books of the 90s were so famous for. Like…was Adam X the third Summers brother? And…uh…well…that’s the problem. That’s really the only one anyone can remember. So we’ve also got a bit of X-Factor that nobody can really remember, and now a of the second era of X-Factor in which the team apparently dealt with a hostage situation at the Latverian embassy.

And don’t get me wrong, it’s well written and well drawn, but I’m sure there were some actual mysteries from this period that were never resolved. Like that whole thing with the Traitor…no…wait…that was Onslaught…I must have blanked that out…

Anyway, you get my point…five issues in and while the first two issues answered questions I’d be wondering about for the best part of thirty years…the rest has felt like, “here are some comics done in the style of old comics, by the same people who made those comics, mostly.” While that’s fun, at the moment it doesn’t feel like it has much to offer beyond a nostalgia hit.

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