Wolverine #14 (Wolverine by Benjamin Percy

Wolverine #14 (Wolverine (2020-))Wolverine #14 (Wolverine by Benjamin Percy
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Madripoor stories rarely grab me, but this one’s an exception, as Logan investigates the burning wreck of the Marauder, which has been robbed of its cargo of Shi’ar logic diamonds. By now we know that Percy writes Logan well, but he confirms it again here, as he imbues the ol’ Canucklehead with just the right amount of gruff. This Wolverine pulls no punches as he roughs up the harbour master to extract information from him. At the beginning of the Krakoan era Logan was worried that island life might turn him soft…that is very much not the case.

The brief cameo from Emma Frost was enjoyable and I wonder which of them is truly the deluded one when it comes to the nature of the power dynamic between them?

Kubert’s art is, of course, gorgeous, but I have to single out the colourist, Frank Martin, for praise, because his colour work is truly gorgeous. His beautifully atmospheric, almost painterly colours compliment Kubert’s linework perfectly!

Back in X Of Swords Solem was teased as a new antagonist for Logan and then nothing seemed to come of that, so I’m glad that we finally seem to be getting to that, and I’m very curious to see where this story is going to lead us!

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