Champions (2020-) #8 by Danny Lore

Champions (2020-) #8Champions (2020-) #8 by Danny Lore
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Tensions mount within the Champions as they continue with their plan to infiltrate Roxxon by posing as interns. Sam was initially rejected for the intern program but got in when he convinced them he could recruit Kamala. Problem is…he didn’t get Kamala’s consent to do that first. Things come to a head when Kamala storms out on her first day. As a result Viv Vision ends up having to infiltrate Roxxon where she makes a disturbing discovery.

This is solid stuff, there’s a lot of character work, a lot of angsty teens angsting, but ultimately little or no real action. Which would be fine, except it results in what it otherwise a young and vibrant team book ultimately lacking a little energy.

Where it doesn’t lack is in the art. Full disclosure, I worked with Luciano Vecchio on Pete Rogers’ awesome The Interactives for Markosia, and it was clear to me back then that he was destined for bigger things. It’s only a matter of time before Marvel put him on a bigger book than this.

Ultimately, not a bad comic by any means and well worth reading of your a fan of the Champions or any of these characters.

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