The United States of Captain America #2 by Christopher Cantwell

The United States of Captain America #2The United States of Captain America #2 by Christopher Cantwell
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I’ve been enjoying Cantwell’s Iron Man run but this book is a bit of an odd fish. Each issue introduces us to a new member of the underground network of Captain Americas – ordinary members of the public who suit up in cap inspired costumes and mete our street level justice. And the a back up strip focuses more on the new character.

I have to wonder if we’ll ever see any of these new characters again. It’s not that they’re not interesting, on the contrary I find them more interesting than Cap himself, it’s more that I wonder how much mileage there is in a disparate group of underground, part-time Captain Americas.

The previous issue opened with Cap musing on the nature of the American dream and how it has been warped over the years. This one opened with Cap remembering the time he nearly peed on Gettysburg. It doesn’t quite have the same impact…

We’re introduced to a young black woman who’s been campaigning for clean water in her community in the day time and dispensing vigilante justice by night. The allusion to Flint, Michigan is clear, plus she’s a former gymnast, which feels incredibly timely given that Simon Byles is all over the news right now.

The fake Captain America and the mysterious woman from last issue turn up here, and are gunning for our new young hero, and it’s up to Cap and the other Cap to save here…which involves a run in with some racist police. Finally the true identities of the mysterious man and woman who seem to be attacking members of the underground network of Captains America are revealed. I won’t say who they are but it wasn’t entirely surprising.

The art is decent, the writing is decent, but there’s nothing here that really wowed me. I certainly enjoyed the previous issue more.

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