Star Wars: The High Republic #7 by Cavan Scott

Star Wars: The High Republic #7Star Wars: The High Republic #7 by Cavan Scott
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I’m currently reading the novel Into The Dark by Claudia Gray, so it was a pleasant surprise to have Orla Jareni turn up in this. Although with Sly Moore showing up in Darth Vader #14, it feels a little like the month of the Umbrans!

Keeve is facing a bit of a crisis of confidence after her encounter with the Drengir and this manifests in a particularly disturbing vision while she’s meditating. That’s where we first meet Orla Jareni, but it’s not long before we meet her for real as Keeve finds herself in over her head and up against the Nihil while on a solo rescue mission, when Orla recues her in the nick of time. Orla is a Jedi Wayseeker, which means she doesn’t follow the direction of the Jedi Council and isn’t affiliated with any Jedi temple, but is finding her own path in the galaxy.

I find Keeve Trennis to be a compelling character, and I also welcome the chance to find out more about Orla Jareni (although I guess now I know she survives Into The Dark!). Cavan Scott’s writing is always good, and the art here is up to the standard of the rest of Marvel’s Star Wars books.

This is great stuff and I’m thoroughly enjoying The High Republic as a whole.

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