Alien #5 by Philip Kennedy Johnson

Alien #5Alien #5 by Philip Kennedy Johnson
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

If you were expecting more than one person to get out of this story alive then you probably aren’t too familiar with the Alien franchise.

First up I’ve got to draw attention to that gorgeous cover art by Korean artist InHyuk Lee. I’m fast becoming a big fan, and his upcoming Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage variant covers for Marvel are so gorgeous that I’ve pre-ordered the lot.

We’ve reached the point in this Alien story where psychological terror has given way to frenzied shooting, which has in turn given way to frantic running. It’s time to escape, but Alien being Alien it’s not that simple. Cruz’s son Danny has an alien growing in his chest and the hypersleep tube they were relying on to get him home safely is damaged. Which is when the shooting starts…not shooting aliens, shooting each other. Because, as ever, the real monsters in an Alien story are the people.

This beautifully illustrated and expertly written series perfectly captures the look and feel of an Alien movie and is heartedly recommended to any fan of the franchise.

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