Power Rangers #8 by Ryan Parrott

Power Rangers #8Power Rangers #8 by Ryan Parrott
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

That last page reveal. Oh. My. God. I did NOT see that coming.

The Omega Rangers finally face an Empyreal and “epic” is the only way to describe it. But Parrott makes the brilliant choice to make this epic tale of the destruction of an entire planet about a single person. A person we feel the loss of, through Zack’s experiences. It makes it real for us, not an abstract genocide, but a very personal one.

Meanwhile, as Trini and Jason battle the Empyreal, some very real and pertinent moral questions are raised. They’re defending a race that has killed and enslaved billions, and if they succeed in saving them then billions more will die as a result of their actions. Is the greater good served by letting them die? It’s a good question, and in the end the Rangers are only able to save a handful of people, and Zack, naturally, wonders if it was worth it. If there’s any real point to what they’re doing.

Of course Drakkon is on hand to make things even more muddy, morally speaking…and he’s also ready to call out the hypocrisy of the Rangers.

This book is brilliant, give more depth and nuance to characters than anyone would normally expect. I’ve always felt that Power rangers had the potential to be a deeper and more interesting concept than people think it is, and it feels good to be proved right. Mortarino’s art is also a perfect fit for this book. His clean lines and dynamic style perfectly capturing the feel of Power Rangers.

This is Power Rangers at its very best and I’d heartily recommend it to anyone.

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