Hellions #14 (Hellions by Zeb Wells

Hellions #14 (Hellions (2020-))Hellions #14 (Hellions by Zeb Wells
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

First off, I should mention the Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage variant cover by InHyuk Lee, because it’s simply gorgeous, and if you have a chance to pick it up you definitely should. The regular cover by Stephen Segovia is nice, but the InHyuk Lee variant is just on another level.

Okay, but what about the actual comic, ‘cos we don’t just buy comics for their pretty covers, do we? (Yes, ok, so sometimes I do.) It’s…ok… A little muddled and a bit confusing. Tarn and the Locus Vile are back, which basically means that everyone is talking nonsense for most of this issue. And maybe I’m just tired but that didn’t really work for me.

What is significant is that Tarn reveals to the Hellions that Sinister killed them all, causing Sinister and his clone to flee…but not before revealing that he’s been working on chimera. Now, if you’ve been paying attention and have a good memory, you’ll remember that chimera played a big part in the future sections of HoX/PoX. Many people had been wondering when they were going to show up again, and it would seem that the answer to that is – soon.

The art is similarly just ok. It suffered in comparison to Larraz and Gracia’s work on X-Men #2, which I read immediately before this. There’s some nice work here, but, you know…it’s not Larraz…because nobody’s Larraz except Larraz.

Still, important things happened in this issue, and it’s moved the plot along, and I’m excited for the consequences of everything in this issue.

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