Silk #5 by Maurene Goo

Silk #5 (of 5)Silk #5 by Maurene Goo
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This great miniseries reaches an all too early end this issue.

I say this because, as good as it is, this series really needed to be six issues, not four. The confrontation with the final “boss,” for want of a better word, feels so ruched that I’m honestly not sure how Silk defeated it (in fact, I just went back to check if I missed something, I didn’t…the big cat demon thing just disappears off panel when Saya makes Kasha’s head explode). Despite this, though, this is still an excellent book and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed this series.

Where this really shines is in the small character moments, and the moments shared between characters, particular the subtle flirtations between Cindy and Saya. I also really like the art. It’s not the typical flashy, over rendered, Marvel style people are used to. But the storytelling is solid and it’s a lot of fun.

If you haven’t caught this series then I’d definitely recommend checking out the trade.

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