Iron Man #11 by Christopher Cantwell

Iron Man (2020-) #11Iron Man (2020-) #11 by Christopher Cantwell
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

It was, of course, inevitable that there’d be a twist in the tale of Stilt-Man turning over a new leaf and establishing a utopian society on a distant world.

And so our little detour from the fight with Korvac comes to a not entirely satisfying conclusion. A lot just feels…unresolved. I thought we were going to get Tony struggling with addiction on a far off planet and then him having to face quitting morphine cold turkey when his supply ran out, whilst simultaneously working to defeat a planet of Ultimos and figure out how to get back to the fight against Korvac. Still, it’s always fun when the Living Tribunal pops up out of nowhere.

Still, this is by no means a bad comic, far from it. There are still some great moments with Tony struggling with substance abuse and having conversation with Patsy in his head. I found myself wondering if she was really communicating with him telepathically or if he was just that high.

The art, by Angel Unzueta is also stunning. Artistically this book has been a real treat from #1. The writing, also, has been top notch, with a consistent classic Iron Man feel. This book feels like Silver Age Iron Man but with modern sensibilities. I’m really enjoying it.

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