Star Wars #16 by Charles Soule

Star Wars #16 (Star Wars (2020-))Star Wars #16 (Star Wars by Charles Soule
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

The War Of The Bounty Hunters crossover is increasingly frustrating me as some of the tie-ins are just regurgitating large chunks of the main book. I get that all these events are happening simultaneously and so there’s bound to be some overlap, but when you know EXACTLY WHAT’S GOING TO HAPPEN in a comic because you’ll already read it, almost word for word, in another comic, it leaves you feeling a little cheated…no matter how good that comic might actually be.

On top of that you get glaring continuity errors, like Lando destroying his cape by using it to put out an on fire Chewbacca in the pages of War Of The Bounty Hunters, but the cape’s fully intact in this comic, some of which happens after that fight. It’s ultimately trivial but it still takes you out of the story.

This comic does score points over war Of The Bounty Hunters for having Lando and Chewie discuss the fact that they both know Qi’ra, and Lando even mentions to Leia that Han used to know her too.

But overall, there’s just not enough in here that wasn’t in War Of the Bounty Hunters #3 to make it feel worth the money.

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