Way of X #5 by Simon Spurrier

Way of X #5Way of X #5 by Simon Spurrier
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This series has been consistently excellent, and this issue is no exception.

Al Ewing deserves credit for actually making me care about Fabian Cortez, a character who’s always been a one note villain, and more recently, over in Ewing’s S.W.O.R.D. has been the butt of several jokes. He’s a pathetic, wretched man, but here Ewing actually starts to explore what makes him tick, and maybe start to rehabilitate the character.

Of course, this is all happening while Nightcrawler attempts, and succeeds, to save the moon Phobos from crashing into Arakko/Mars and destroying everything the X-Men have just created here. And dies in the process, but not before finally figuring out what he’s been trying to figure out for ages and telling Cortez…only to discover upon his resurrection that Cortez is now in a catatonic state.

Meanwhile, David Haller has figured out that Onslaught is using the resurrection protocols to gain a foothold in Krakoa. Consuming the bits of mutants’ lives that are lost between their most recent back up and their death. And, given that Professor X has just been resurrected, that darkness is now within him too.

And Nightcrawler has just been resurrected. This isn’t looking good…

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