Avengers Annual (2021) #1 by Jed Mackay

Avengers Annual (2021) #1 (Avengers (2018-))Avengers Annual (2021) #1 (Avengers by Jed Mackay
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Just like The Last Annihilation I’ve only read a few parts of Infinite Destinies, but what I have read has been excellent. Foreman’s art here is great and he seems like a perfect choice to illustrate this tale of a synthetic human being possessed by the Soul Stone and going through an awakening.

Particular praise should go to Cory Petit, whose lettering makes what could have been a confusing internal conversation between the synthetic human and the Soul Stone perfectly legible. It takes real talent to meet a lettering challenge like this, face it head on and execute it so perfectly.

Of course, that lettering would be nothing without words to letter, and Jed MacKay, whose work I’m unfamiliar with, does a sterling job with this metaphysical exploration of the nature of the soul and how that pertains to artificial intelligence. Couple that with the use of synthetic people as a metaphor for oppressed minority groups and you have the recipe for a damn fine comic book.

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