Serial #6 by Terry Moore

Serial #6Serial #6 by Terry Moore
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

How to you even begin to review Terry Moore’s work? Each single issue feels like a tiny slice of a novel, of a much larger whole. The revelations contained within can rarely be examined out of context. The writing is, of course, superb. Moore is a master storyteller, with a gift for creating complex, interesting characters, who inhabit morally grey areas…who can be both angel and demon simultaneously, and everything in-between. Is a homicidal maniac evil if they only kill bad people?

And as much as the writing is sublime, the art is on another level. Moore was a master when I started reading his work more than a quarter of a century ago and he just keeps getting better. His linework is perfect, his storytelling flawless. Simply put, Terry Moore is not only one of our greatest living comic creators, but he is one of the best comic creators of all time.

So, is this good? Yes. Should you read it? Absolutely. But just start at the beginning else you’ll be confused. I mean, it’s Terry Moore and all of his books inhabit a shared universe, so the beginning is really a long time ago, but still…

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One thought on “Serial #6 by Terry Moore

  1. Richard November 30, 2021 / 10:27 pm

    Absolutely agree with you, but do you think a newbie would understand the story without knowing Zoe’s background? A new reader might wonder why this little kid was hunting a killer … and not only hunting her, but confident of taking her down.


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