New Mutants #21 by Vita Ayala

New Mutants #21New Mutants #21 by Vita Ayala
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The kids fight Brood on the moon while the original team fight each other on Krakoa…sort of. I mean, they don’t come to blows, but they do deal with a lot of stuff that’s been brewing for a while.

Firstly, we finally confront the issue of resurrecting clones. Because, well, Gabby died, and nobody wants Gabby to be dead. But the problem is that Rahne killed her, and she’s quite understandably a bi annoyed about it. So we also confront the issue of the Shadow King’s increasing influence on the young mutants of the island…and also Rahne. It all feels very cathartic, and it was good to have the Five confirm that clones are individual, autonomous persons deserving of resurrection. But that still leaves the matter of Madelyn Pryor unresolved… (She’ll be back, we all know she’ll be back…I mean, the next big event is Inferno…)

The art is also simply outstanding. I love Rod Reis’s work and honestly feel that this is the best art New Mutants has seen since the days of Bill Sienkiewicz. I particularly love the way he makes Rahne look both like Rahne and Maisie Williams.

Seriously, though, I love this book, it’s brilliant, and I can’t wait for next month’s showdown with the Shadow King!

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