The United States of Captain America #3 by Darcie Little Badger

The United States of Captain America #3The United States of Captain America #3 by Darcie Little Badger
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

This is…not good.

After this series got off to a string start, it’s got progressively worse as it’s gone along. We started with Cap musing on the nature of the American dream, the second had Cap reminiscing about a time he nearly peed on Gettysburg and the third gave us a Native American man dressed up in the American flag. Which…doesn’t feel right.

The art is also incredibly weak. Eaglesham is inking himself here, it seems, and he’s not doing himself any favours.

The second story, which is, at least, written by a Native American writer, really doesn’t feel like it’s about the same character…who’s working as a construction worker here, something he didn’t seem to be doing in the main story, where he was basically the local handy man.

The whole book feels rushed and ill conceived. Which is a shame, because this series felt like it had so much promise at the start.

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