Champions #9 by Danny Lore

Champions (2020-) #9Champions (2020-) #9 by Danny Lore
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

As this arc (and possibly the comic entirely, as there doesn’t appear to be a solicitation for #11, but the book might just be taking a break in December) heads towards a conclusion, Lore skilfully weaves together elements from throughout the run as the Champions deftly outsmart Roxxon, expose them for the heartless and manipulative corporation they are, and get Kamala’s Law repealed and teen heroes made legal again. It’s brilliantly executed and will have you cheering for the young heroes.

The art, by Luciano Vecchio, whose star appears to be on the rise at Marvel (and deservedly so), is superb, and fits a teen book like this perfectly.

Going into the final issue of this arc, I’m excited to see how it concludes, and hopeful that this won’t be the end for The Champions.

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