X-Force #23 by Benjamin Percy

X-Force #23 (X-Force (2019-))X-Force #23 (X-Force by Benjamin Percy
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Beast’s inexorably slide into moral ambiguity finds him, uh, with a tiny man inside him. And, as everyone knows, the solution to having one tiny man inside you, is to get your friend to put a tiny version of themselves inside you.

Also, Colossus’s brother, Mikhail Rasputin is up…to something. This is not unconnected to the tiny man inside Beast.

This is good stuff. Percy’s moving all the plot lines he’s had on the boil for a while forward, intertwining them and, it feels, things are finally coming to a head. I’m fascinated by Beast’s determination not to die because he fears that his friends will take the opportunity to bring him back as he used to be, rather than the self-confessed bastard that he’s become.

Things, I suspect, are not going to end well for Beast and we’ve had out first hints at how the character is likely to go through a reset…a decision which, I expect, will have its own moral repercussions.

The art is solid, the writing engaging, all in all this is another fine issue of X-Force.

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