X-Men: The Trial of Magneto #2 by Leah Williams

X-Men: The Trial of Magneto #2X-Men: The Trial of Magneto #2 by Leah Williams
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Confused? You will be. But that’s entirely the point this issue, as the plot doesn’t so much thicken as become elastic and twisted.

I said in my review of #1 that I don’t believe that Magneto killed Wanda and I don’t believe she’s actually dead. I’m still convinced of both of these things…and not because Wanda appears to be alive at the end of this issue, because I’m not convinced that’s Wanda at all. And, also, yes…despite Magneto’s confession of guilt, I don’t think he did it. There’s a lot going on in this issue that’s happening just to distract the Avengers from the truth. That truth may well be that Wanda’s body is missing and they don’t know why.

What’s also curious is the clear and growing rift between the Five and the Quiet Council. The Five clearly seem to be of the opinion that they and they alone should decide who and who doesn’t get to be resurrected, and they’re willing to defy the Quiet Council’s decision regarding that. We’ve seen that in the pages of New Mutants and we are, perhaps, also seeing that here.

Also, if that is Wanda at the end, and no someone else pretending to be her, might she have been resurrected using an older back up? Not only from before M-Day but before she split up with The Vision? Beast was recently musing about this is the pages of X-Force, that if he died his friends might choose to resurrect an earlier Beast, a happier Beast…a less dark Beast…

Excellently written and beautifully illustrated, this series continues to draw me in, and I’m really looking forward to seeing where it goes.

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