Alien #7 by Phillip K. Johnson

Alien (2021-) #7Alien (2021-) #7 by Phillip K. Johnson
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Marvel’s first foray into the Alien universe begins its second arc with a visit to a terraformed colony of religious fundamentalists. A premise reminiscent of the original idea behind Alien 3, before it was switched to a penal colony.

Our main protagonist has a medical condition that is eating her from the inside…and, well, the inevitable metaphor is not lost on the reader. Will she have something else eating her from the inside by the end of the story?

This is a slow build, as any Alien story should be, with the xenomorph only arriving at the end, as the ship that was bringing the company’s lawyers to sign over ownership of the colony crash lands, all hands presumably lost to an infestation of Aliens.

As this series has been throughout, it’s brilliantly written and beautifully illustrated, with some truly stunning cover art.

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