Cable (2020-) #8 by Gerry Duggan

Cable (2020-) #8Cable (2020-) #8 by Gerry Duggan
My rating: 4 of 5 stars


Clones everywhere.

But first, a nice interlude with Domino and Cable, in which Domino laments that Cable used to be too old for her and now he’s too young for her. Time travel, eh?

But, yeah, clones, a dozen of them. Cable clones.

This issue is heavy on action, which is, perhaps, not Phil Noto’s strong suit, but the art is still lovely, because it’s Phil Not, and Phil Noto draws good.

Apparently Stryfe’s behind it all, and Stryfe’s a clone of Cable, so were they Stryfe clones or Cable clones and is there actually any difference between those two things?

It was also cool to get another glimpse of old man Cable, and I suspect it’s Stryfe who’s captured him, and that’s what will tie these two plotlines together. Maybe.

I’m excited for the next issue as it looks like we’re getting some more romance and smooching, which is always fun.

Also if you type “Stryfe” a lot it looks wrong. Although, to be fair, if you type “Stryfe” once it looks wrong too.

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Cable (2020-) #7 by Gerry Duggan

Cable (2020-) #7Cable (2020-) #7 by Gerry Duggan
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Oh yeah, that’s what we were doing before X Of Swords so rudely interrupted us…looking for kidnapped babies!

And, thanks to Rachel Summers, we actually find them! Well, half of them. As in, we find five of the ten missing babies…not that we find ten halves of babies…that would be gross. Why would you even think that might be thing? You disgust me…

Anyway, it’s great to see the Summers family being a family, I don’t recall Nate and Rachel ever really spending any time together, just the two of them, before. Plus we get some great “Cyclops being a dad” stuff here. And “Dad Cyclops” is probably the best Cyclops.

Plus, we finally find out who’s behind the baby kidnapping, and let’s just say that they’re keeping it in the family…

The only thing missing from this issue is more outrageous flirting with the Cuckoos, but it’s still pretty great with some gorgeous Phil Noto art.

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Cable (2020-) #6 by Gerry Duggan

cable #6Cable (2020-) #6 by Gerry Duggan
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Well, what did I say? That the X-Men being defeated probably didn’t serve Saturnyne’s purposes and that she probably had something up her sleeve. I mean, I didn’t use those exact words, but I’m tired…

There are some places where Noto’s usually breath-taking art feels a little rushed, but we can forgive that as the whole is still exceptional and…wow…that cover art!

Unusually for an X Of Swords chapter, this actually quite heavily features the title character of this comic, Cable, who faces his own round in a to the death fight with Cypher’s new wife, Bei. A fight which reveals him to be more compassionate than his older self. Some significant character development for Nate, setting him apart from the other version of himself. I’m curious as to the end of his message for Esme and the girls, though…

The twist in the fight between Gorgon and The White Sword was well executed, and now the sides are even going into the final fight between Apocalypse and Genesis. But with three chapters left that’s either going to be one hell of an epic fight, or the final fight won’t be the end of it…

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Cable #5 by Gerry Duggan

Cable #5Cable #5 by Gerry Duggan
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

It’s a Summers family outing as Scott, Jean and Nate hang out on the abandoned SWORD space station and battle what appears to be some sort of otherworldly virus in the form of people in black rubber suits.

There’s some lovely dialogue here, as we get to see Scott and Jean alone(ish) together for the first time in a while, and also Scott and Nate get some nice bonding scenes in which Scott gets to be the overprotective dad.

And…there’s not a whole lot more, really. It’s unclear whether what’s going on with SWORD is actually relevant to X of Swords beyond, you know, the sword thing…or if their is essentially set up for the upcoming Sword series. There’s also some telepathic scheming going on between Scott, Jean and Magik, which is definitely relevant to X of Swords, and I’m sure we’ll find out exactly what they’re planning a little further down the line.

The art is, of course, stunning, because it’s Phil Noto and Phil Noto’s artwork is always stunning.

Overall a pretty great comic.

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