Deadpool Nerdy 30 (2021) #1 (Deadpool by Rob Liefeld

Deadpool Nerdy 30 (2021) #1 (Deadpool (2019-))Deadpool Nerdy 30 (2021) #1 (Deadpool by Rob Liefeld
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

So, Deadpool’s thirty…and boy do I feel old. I still think of Deadpool as being a “new” character….and yet not only has he been in a bajillion comics but he’s also starred in two major motion pictures! (What do you mean he’s been in three?! It’s definitely two. Two. Only two. That one doesn’t count…it never happened…we don’t speak of it…and neither could Wade).

I was fourteen when Deadpool first appeared, and while I didn’t pick up his first appearance at the time, I did pick up his second in the pages of X-Force, and read his first solo mini series…and have very fond memories of picking up his first solo series and talking nonsense on the Comic and Anime Forum on AOL with its writer, Joe Kelly…who had a strange obsession with Poi. And while I certainly took a long break from everything Deadpool, I loved his most recent solo series with a fiery passion.

But Deadpool is one of those characters you naturally develop a love/hate relationship with. I mean, sure, he’s awesome, but he both reached and passed saturation point long before Ryan Reynolds put on the red and black spandex suit and converted a whole new generation to the church of DP (hehe…DP…). So, yeah, I always liked Deadpool, but I was never one of those people… *hides Deadpool t-shirt*

Anyway, this is supposed to be a review and not a stream of consciousness trip down memory lane…the two stand out stories in this collection of weird and wonderful Deadpool shorts are the ones by Kelly Thompson and Daniel Way, but, really, it’s all just a lot of fun…and I’m honestly still not over the utterly bonkers first story by Joe Kelly.

If you like Deadpool, you’ll like this. If you don’t like Deadpool then you’re probably just allergic to pouches or something.

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Deadpool (2019-) #10 by Kelly Thompson

Deadpool (2019-) #10Deadpool (2019-) #10 by Kelly Thompson
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Wait…what? This is the last issue? Say it ain’t so…

“But it is so.”

Aww, dammit. This was good. This was really good. People need to get on the Kelly Thompson train because I’m tired of reading series written by her that prominently feature Jeff the Landshark and then get cancelled far too soon. West Coast Avengers was amazing, this was amazing…it’s just not fair. *whines*

Seriously, though, Jeff just got an action figure!

And then they go and make this a King In Black tie in which completely ruins Thompson’s plans for the final issue…but at least she gets to have Deadpool complain about it. But, really, why make this a tie in if there’s literally no point to the sales boost that would bring? I’ve already seen people say they checked this issue out purely for the King In Black tie in and thought it was awesome. Well…now they can’t stick around for more even if they wanted to.

Anyway, Thompson and Sandoval do the best they can under the circumstances, and this book gets five stars because of that. The fact that they managed to forge a satisfying and amusing end to the book despite everything working against that is a huge credit to them.

What’s next for Thompson? I’ll have to do some Googling. But personally I’d like to see her write a Gwenpool ongoing. At least she could have Deadpool give Jeff back so we can keep up with his adventures…

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Deadpool (2019-) #9 by Kelly Thompson

Deadpool (2019-) #9Deadpool (2019-) #9 by Kelly Thompson
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

“How are they going to resolve this in a way that ties everything up and makes sense?” I found myself wondering, and, dammit, Kelly Thompson pulled it off!

If you’d told me a while back that making Deadpool King of the Monsters and then teaming him up with Else Bloodstone would lead to one of my favourite comics, I…well, I might have believed you…but I’d definitely be surprised.

Plus, you know, Jeff the Shark.

I also have to mention THAT COVER by Chris Bachalo and Tim Townsend. Because it’s stunning. It’s “get me a poster of this so I can put it on my wall” stunning.

So, yeah. this is a really good book and you should be reading it.

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Deadpool (2019-) #8 by Kelly Thompson

Deadpool (2019-) #8Deadpool (2019-) #8 by Kelly Thompson
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I love this, it’s silly, it’s touching, it’s…well…Deadpool.

Pretty much my only complaint is that it’s too short, and perhaps this run would work better in trade paperback format…because then there’d be more.

Two things at the end leave me wanting more and looking forward to the next issue…and one of them is a massive spoiler and the other is simply the cover for #9.

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